Our Story... 

About Us 

Accent Group is a leading global supplier of communications and marketing products. We help our customers identify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions in all of their marketing and communications requirements. Throughout the world, we provide innovative supply chain management services to reduce our customers’ total cost of production and implementation.



We are serious about service! Since we don’t have proprietary products, our service must be outstanding. Service is a state of mind. To give exceptional service, our people must really care — and they must have the desire to do it right and do it now.



An exceptional company culture is our greatest business asset in the world. It beats money, power and influence. Our culture rises over opposition, storms its objectives and overwhelms all obstacles.

Our culture is contagious, so we carry it in our attitude and manner. It increases productivity, and it brings joy and satisfaction to our people. Our culture brings RESULTS.



More than one billion people today live without access to energy. No electricity to light and heat their homes, power hospitals and factories, and improve their lives in thousands of ways.

So what are we doing about it?


Accent Group has always been committed to the communities it serves. It is core to our vision and values.


It’s our mission to create opportunities so people can live better. We consider it our responsibility to make a positive impact in the communities we serve. Whether it’s through the donations we provide to many different organizations or through the inspirational volunteer efforts of Accent Group employees, we are passionate about helping people live better lives.



- People come first.

- Our word is our bond — we are reliable.

- We are serious about service.

- We ensure a poor days business is only the experience of our competitors.

- We are on target to be the best.

- We are realists. We believe in candor.

- We’re accessible and easy to do business with.

- We are dynamic…we are “doers”…we work hard.

- We properly reward our people.


Our Guarantee 

At Accent we stand behind our products and our service. If you are not 100% satisfied please contact us immediately. We strive for excellence with each and every one of our customers.


Return Policy


If you are unhappy with the product you received, please feel free to contact Accent Group within 30 days of receiving your product.  We will offer a replacement, repair, exchange or refund to ensure your satisfaction.